Tigers Go Out With the Tide in Week 10

By Alex Davies
Nov. 07, 2016

Alabama and LSU are classic SEC West teams. It is no secret that when they come together, their games have as much energy as a playoff game. 

Saturday's match-up was no different. 

Within the first half of the game, both teams had attempts to put something up on the board but failed those attempts. LSU missed an early field goal attempt followed by Alabama's failed field goal attempt near the end of the half. Neither team broke away from this scoreless game until the fourth quarter when Jalen Hurts, Bama's freshman QB (#2)  ran the ball for a touchdown.

Jalen Hurts broke the mold during the game for a 21 yard touchdown to break up a scoreless game but not until the fourth quarter of Saturday night's game. Once Hurts broke away from LSU's defense, Fournette could not recover to attempt to win the game. The Tide also held a 25 yard field goal with only two minutes left in the fourth quarter, leaving the score 10-0 in Bama's favor. Bama remains unbeaten against LSU. LSU continues on this week at #13 and Bama finishes #1 in the SEC West.

However, LSU's RB did not go unnoticed in Saturday's game. Leonard Fournette, held 17 carries with 35 rushing yards taking title as game leader in rushing yards for the Tigers. Fournette continues to be a major play maker for LSU week-after-week but LSU as a whole continued to fumble the ball time-after-time, as did Alabama this weekend. Several penalties were posted up against Danny Etling (#16, QB). For example, Etling held a penalty for delay of game. Many of the mistakes made in this game, by both teams, were almost rookie mistakes in comparison to the usual way these teams play. Etling finished the game with 92 passing yards, 1 interception, leading to his total for the season with 1221 yards total. 

Alabama continues on in order to maintain their streak next Saturday against Mississippi State. Likewise, LSU will play against Arkansas in hopes of working their way back up the leader board.

-Davies Out

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