Florida Gators: Back in first place

By ZacheryJamesEvans
Oct. 16, 2016

After a blow out win against the Missouri Tigers, and a blowout loss for Tennessee to Alabama the Gators are back in first place in the SEC East. The Gators control their own destiny now and if they win out they will be in the SEC Championship for a second consecutive year.

Unfortunately for the Gators they end the season with three tough road games and only one game at home against South Carolina the schedule is at Arkansas, versus South Carolina, at LSU and at Florida State. Now it isn't impossible for the Gators to win all these games but it will be very hard.

The only other option is for to lose a game, but hope Tennessee does as well. Their schedule is much easier and not near as difficult. They play at South Carolina, versus Tennessee Tech, versus Kentucky, versus Missouri and at Vanderbilt.

While it does seem bleak that the Gators will win out with the toughest part of the schedule ahead, no one said repeating was easy so if the Gators do win out they will definitely deserve to be in the SEC Championship.


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